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TC / Polyester belt
Belts for Textile Industry
$5.00 - $200.00/Square Meter
50 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$30.00 - $38.00/Square Meter
20 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$45.00 - $60.00/Square Meter
50 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$80.00 - $130.00/Square Meter
50 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$75.00 - $95.00/Square Meter
50 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$130.00 - $180.00/Square Meter
50 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$30.00 - $40.00/Square Meter
10 Square Meters(Min. Order)
Why Choose Us
Since 1993;
Specialized in flat transmission belts, conveyor belts, etc;
More than 0.1 million US dollars on R&D, with independent lab;
Successive sales growth of 6 years;
Export to more than 10 countries in Asia, North Africa, South America, etc. 1995 stepped into power transmission line, emphasis on flat belting;
2003 establised manufacturing center;
21 years of belt experiences for Marketing,Manufacturing and Developing;
15 years specialized manufacturing of flat transmission belts, conveyor belts, etc;
450 belt items and more for nylon base belt, polyamide belt, polyester belt, elastic belts, etc;
600 and more domestic distributor, wholesaler, end user, etc.
6 year successive sales growth;
0.5 million USD on new items R&D;
70, 000 square feet professional factory;
1 sole R&D lab, 5-10 new items each year;
1 test center for elongation,aging, breaking extension, tensile & adhesive strength, antistatic;
6 automatic belt production lines and accessories;
20 sets after-processing equipments of skiving & joint machines, etc. for endless belt;
15 countries & regions exported, emphasis at Latin America and North Africa;
12 years export experiences to offer full services;

Our mission is to delivey quality & repliable products and meet the needs of customers!

Siqiang Beltech is a privately owned Chinese company over 20 years experiences, and today is one of major participants in Chinese light duty conveyor belting and power transmission belting industries. Siqiang Beltech offers technical support and innovative solutions to her clients.

Today, Siqiang could offer a wide variety of industrial belts, to meet the demands for power transmission in the line of textile, paper making, furniture manufacturing and flour milling, etc. Else, conveyance for printing, box folding, and corrugated cardboard machines.

Siqiang Beltech is devoted to building up a professional team of ardor and efficiency, and step by step to fulfill the perspective of product diversification and service individuation. We believe your comments and enquiries would start an important beginning between us.